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When to wear Chino pants

If you’ve read our blog often, you’ll notice that we are huge fans of the chinos. However, even the most ardent fans of chinos must acknowledge that as stylish as they might be the pants can turn into fashion faux pas in certain conditions. 

This is why it’s crucial to understand the attributes of fashion, style, and fitting of chinos to determine when it is appropriate to wear Chinos (and when to not). Here’s the ultimate guide to chinos to avoid any fashion mistakes in the future!

Something should know about chinos

When you think about the attributes of any clothing product, there are always pros and pros. So let’s look at the numerous advantages: chinos perfectly make the distinction between suit pants and casual pants.

They’re stylish and casual. The fabric’s lightweight breathable and extremely comfortable and allows for unobstructed movement. Furthermore, chinos are durable and can be paired in a variety of ways, whether for leisure or business!

Also, they are available in a variety of styles and colors. It is precisely this wide range of chino styles that leads us to the pros.

If you pick your chino with a cut that’s too long or too tight, with flashy colors, or with decorative features If you’ve made a mistake.

To help you avoid making the mistake of selecting the wrong cut We’ve already published an in-depth article on how the ideal pair of chinos should look. Find out more about it here.

If it’s about fashion, our recommendation is that less is more. We recommend that you opt for a classic design to ensure that your chinos last for many seasons without becoming outdated.

If you are unsure you should stick to a simple style rather than overly extravagant – stay clear of stripes on the sides as well as other embellishments. Additionally, choose subtle shades such as black, navy blue, or cream to create an adaptable basic.

Its Smart Chino made from Italian yarn made by SANVT is a perfect fit for all the elements that make chinos timeless. And did we not mention that our chino is made sustainably and ethically?

When is the right time to wear chinos?

If you select your chinos with the correct style and fit design they can be worn to (almost) every occasion such as business events and drinks after work, formal weddings, informal family gatherings, exhibits, and date nights.

Based on the way you pair the chinos you have chosen and sneakers and a t-shirt or with a polo top and loafers or an oversized button-down top as well as Oxford shoes, perhaps with a blazer or a jacket, The pants are given completely different looks.

That is to say, you can wear chinos to any event in which suit pants are undressed, and jeans would be overdressed. Learn more about why chinos are ideal summer trousers here.

Times you should better not wear chinos

Therefore, the issue of when to not wear chinos is answered in itself. If you are attending formal or formal occasions, like when suit-wearing is required, chinos could appear too casual and casual.

Perhaps a little unassuming. However, when it comes to events that are relaxed such as barbecuing with friends in an outdoor space, the look of a pair of Chinos could be too formal. A bit preppy.

However, we’re playing the devil’s advocate game a bit because we at SANVT believe that the correct chino, when worn in the right way and the correct fit always does the trick. However, you shouldn’t take our words as a rule of the law.

For instance, you might want to stay away from wearing chinos during exercise and swimming or while sleeping. If you’re not careful, you’ll never be wrong with a basic pair of Chinos!

How to Wear Chino Pants

The chino pants are simple to style and extremely versatile. The secret to styling chinos well is in the color and the fit. The pants shouldn’t be too long or large – this is because the pants will lengthen the leg and reveal some form.

They should be placed just above the hips to the natural waistline, and be snugly fitting around the knees and hips with no feeling tight. They should be able to gently taper from the knee downwards and occasionally wrap slightly at the ankle.

For formal events look for a style that resembles pants for formal occasions, but make sure that it fits comfortably on the hips and doesn’t bunch.

If you want to dress up the chino, consider pairing the chino with a sports jacket in different colors such as sand-colored Chinos with a navy sports jacket. This will create a chic look and will be comfy all year long.

For casual wear, roll down the second 1.5-2 inches higher to create the look of cuffed. This typically requires at least two rolls along the edge to achieve the appearance of cuffed and is dependent on whether the wearer is shorter or taller. It can be worn with a linen untucked shirt or a clean shirt to create a simple style.

When picking a color begin with neutrals such as white, stone, navy, or black. This will let you create a variety of outfits that are suitable for all occasions when you pair them with the correct shirt.

Different types of chino

In some cases, we simply distinguish the chino into three different styles, casual style, business casual, and formal style.

casual style nicerior
Casual style of Nicerior

Casual style

From the supermarket to breakfast Chinos are a great choice to be worn for a relaxed look for your weekend. Try pairing them with a simple shirt to add a touch of relaxation and a laid-back look. If you’re looking for shoes we suggest the use of boat shoes or sneakers – not too formal, since this will keep your style effortless.

Business casual

If you are planning a formal evening out or for a casual day at the office, pair your jeans with traditional button-downs or a linen long-sleeve shirt. Pair it with a leather belt to create a look that’s comfy throughout the year. For footwear, you can wear sneakers or boots subject to how informal your event is.

Formal style

If you’re planning to make your outfit more elegant for an event that is formal put on a contrast sports coat, tie, dress belt, and long-sleeve shirt to elevate your chinos. This style is perfect for events such as weddings, races corporate events, and even parties. Consider pairing it with formal shoes rather than any other footwear, since it will add a touch of class to your formal outfit.

How To Care for Chinos

As simple to wear Chinos from us are easy to care for as well. All they need are some simple steps to keep their high quality:

  • Machine wash only when required. Don’t wash each time you wear it since this preserves the original quality of the cotton.
  • Don’t dry your hair in a tumbler – hang it out to dry out in the air away from direct light.
  • Dry cleaning is required for those stains that are difficult to remove.

One more thing

After things we should care about Chinos, please feel free to comment with us if you have any idea.

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