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What is the difference between slim-fit and skinny-fit jeans?

Do you want to modernize your look, but don’t know whether to go for slim pants or skinny pants? Then you’ve come to the right place because today we’re going to explain the difference between the two styles – and tell you why they are more stylish than traditional straight pants. Click here for more about slim-fit jeans.

A few years ago, the words “slim” and “skinny” were not part of a man’s vocabulary. The predominant model of jeans was straight jeans, which do not follow the contours of the leg. Therefore, the fabric is loose around the shins and ankles.

It turns out that this does not contribute to the harmony of the look. And so the slim and skinny pants emerged, offering a more beautiful fit on our bodies. But do you know the difference between these two models?


The word “slim” means “thin” in Portuguese. Therefore, the pants that follow this model are more fitted to the body than the traditional jeans, tapering according to the lines of your leg. This results in a more proportional and stylish look.

In the world of tailoring – blazers, dress suits, shirts – slim is also synonymous with elegance and good taste.

Do you want to dress better? Take all your straight pants to a seamstress to have them altered into a slimmer shape. These pieces are incredibly versatile, perfect for casual looks with sneakers, boots, etc. The question is to choose the color and wash that best suits your style.


Skinny pants, on the other hand, are like an accentuated version of slim. In Portuguese, the word means “skinny”. It is tighter and tighter to the body, especially around the shins. It even looks like a legging, marking a lot of the leg shapes.

On thin men, it may fit well. But if you are overweight, or too muscular, skinny jeans may give a tight appearance. In this case, it’s better to go for the slim fit we talked about earlier.

If you choose skinny jeans, be careful not to buy a model that is too tight, because then your look may become too flashy. Remember that in the world of men’s fashion, less is more.

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