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Men’s Fashion Trends: The 5 Things Every Man is Going to Wear This Summer

Here’s a little secret that you might not know: when it comes to men’s fashion, there are no real trends. Traditionally, it’s women who have been the trendsetters and innovators when it comes to clothing when they find a way of wearing something that looks good, men follow their lead.

This season is no different and we’re seeing some interesting developments in the world of men’s fashion. But what are the top five trends that every man is going to be trying out this summer?

Mustard Colored Coats

There may not be too many opportunities for wearing coats in the summer, but you can’t go wrong with a lightweight jacket – not least because mustard colored jackets are one of the hottest items this season.

Floral Prints

You might think that floral prints are reserved for women, but not anymore. The trend has now hit men’s fashion and it’s here to stay. This summer, expect to see bold, bright prints on everything from jackets to shirts to shoes.


The same rule applies to denim this summer as with all other seasons: it’s an essential part of your wardrobe. With so many different styles available in the shops, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to updating your denim collection.

Remember that denim never goes out of style, so invest in a good pair of jeans that will last you a lifetime rather than buying a new pair every year. You can even try wearing lighter denim during warmer months like summer or darker denim in wintertime.

Bomber Jackets

A bomber jacket is another must-have item this season. While they’ve been around for decades now (bomber jackets first became popular in World War II), they haven’t seen much success until

The Shacket

The shacket is a hybrid shirt-jacket that is apparently going to be big this summer. It’s always been big in fishing communities, but now it’s coming up in menswear. We can see why: it’s practical and easy to wear, and it looks better than a fleece (though not by much). It also goes with most things and doesn’t require a great deal of thought when putting an outfit together.

The monochrome look is extremely popular as it’s easy to wear whether you’re heading to the office or to a festival. Here’s how to rock the trend in 5 easy steps.

  • wear more comfortable clothing.
  • Less than 3 colors
  • not too much edc
  • Should apparel match your skin
  • follow panton color trend

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