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How to use a belt: Tips and tricks to use the piece in your favor

Do you know how to use a belt to enhance your body and make your day-to-day productions more interesting, or are you one of those who think that the piece is only to hold up those baggy pants?

The belt is a piece that most of us women have in our closets, but we rarely know how to use it in our favor.

Much more than an item that serves to hold up the pants, the belt can be used to harmonize the silhouette, enhance the curves, and, of course, as a third piece that serves to give a makeover to the look.

Want to know how?

Then, check out 7 tips on how to use a belt to enhance your body and tricks to make your day-to-day looks more interesting.

Tip to wear a belt with pants

Without a doubt, the most common way to wear a belt is with some kind of pants. After all, besides enhancing the silhouette, this piece can also make your look much more interesting.

However, the big problem with this proposal is that the belt can flatten your silhouette and give the impression that you are shorter.

Therefore, the tip to avoid this effect is to use a belt that is the same color or the same shade as your pants.

In this way, the belt will not split your silhouette in half, on the contrary, it will lengthen it, giving the impression that you are taller.

Attention to the color of the belt

Knowing how to choose the color of your belt also makes all the difference when composing your look.

After all, you can also use the belt to harmonize and balance the proportions and dimensions of your body.

Do you want to make your torso bigger? Use a belt the same color as your blouse! Do you want to elongate your legs? Use a belt in the same color as your pants/skirt!

You can give more attention to a certain part of your body simply by choosing the right color belt!

Choose the ideal belt for your body type

Generally, there are two ways of wearing a belt; on the hips and on the waist. So, depending on your body shape you should wear it in one of these two areas.

The thickness of the belt is also something you need to pay attention to when choosing yours.

  • Rectangle body: for those who have this type of body, where the shoulder and hips are in the same proportion, the ideal is to use the belt at the waist to define the silhouette and give the impression that you have more curves. In this case, the belt can be thick or thin.
  • Hourglass – the hourglass body is one that has shoulders in the same proportion as the hips, but a very thin waist. It is the famous guitar body. So, for those who have this body shape the ideal is to wear a thin belt around the waist to further enhance the curves.
  • Inverted triangle – body type where the shoulders are wider than the hips. You should wear the belt on the hips, preferably a thicker belt to balance the silhouette.
  • Triangle hips are wider than the shoulders, those who have this type of body should wear the accessory at the waist to enhance the curves. Avoid thick belts so as not to highlight the hips too much.

With skirt

In summer, adding a belt to your outfit can make your look much more interesting and stylish.

However, attention is needed. Avoid wearing a belt with very short skirts, because in this case, the focus will be all on the accessory.

Therefore, the ideal is to wear the piece with long or midi-length skirts. In addition, thinner belts or medium-thickness belts look great with more voluminous skirts such as evasê and pleated skirts, for example.

Belt with dress

The belt is a great ally to give that extra lift to summer productions and, in this case, it works as a third piece that doesn’t add layers to the look.

Thus, you can use the accessory with several dress models. This way, dresses that are tighter to the body, prefer thinner and more delicate belts.

Meanwhile, for wider dresses and even for chemise models, you can use wider or medium-thick belts.

Women’s shirt

Do you know that super basic and formal white women’s shirt that you usually wear only to work? How about wearing it in a different and cool way?

You can turn this shirt into a super stylish Chemise dress. To do this, simply add a belt, thick or thin, in the middle of the waist and your shirt will instantly become a super stylish dress.

However, remember that this trick can only be done with shirts that are maxi-length and/or oversized.

With jacket

A stylish trick that is becoming very successful among top bloggers and celebrities is to wear a belt over the jacket.

So you can use this trick with any kind of jacket, from jeans jackets to blazers or cardigans.

Even wearing the belt over the blazer is a great way to make the office outfit more interesting and modern.

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