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Dress tips for big guy

Find what kind of fit is your perfect style

If you’re a big guy, you know how hard it is to find clothes that fit. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on fashion. There are plenty of ways to dress like a street-style star, no matter your size.

Measure your size

To start, you need to be aware of your body type. If you are big on top or bottom, we can help you pick the right outfit. If you are unsure of your body type, ask for help from store employees.

If you are big and tall, what is your perfect outfit style?

As a thicker guy, you should aim to keep your casual wear as structured as possible to avoid looking sloppy. For example, just because you’re dressing down doesn’t mean you can’t wear a collar.

Fitted, collared cardigans, polo shirts, and open-collar shirts allow you to look both casual and tailored at the same time. Stick to one solid color for separates – your basics should provide a flattering, clean surface without pleats or other unnecessary detail.

The best fabric for t-shirts is cotton because it hangs close to the body without being too snug.

If you are big and short, what is your perfect outfit style?

If you are short and stocky, try to create vertical lines. This will elongate your body and draw attention away from your width. V-neck tees and button-down shirts are great for this.

Slim-fit chinos in khaki or navy color are the best choice for casual wear, while dark wash jeans also create a clean look. Low-rise designs are the best choice to help lengthen your torso.

Normal top suggestion


Remember that a little clever layering can help you hide a multitude of sins. Look for clothing items that frame your shape and add automatic structure without adding excess volume. V-neck tees will help draw the eyes down, instead of around your body.

To make your body look more proportional, add a vertical line by wearing a button-down shirt on top. Throw a structured jacket on top to disguise a beer belly and add shape. Alternatively, choose a blazer with sharp or slightly padded shoulders and long lapels. This will help to square off your upper half.


For suit fleeces and sports jackets, make sure the casket, collar, and shoulders are a nice fit as expert differences for these can be precious($ 40-$ 80 each). These differences may still be a good value if the fleece is blinked or off a providence store rack.

Some guys, because of their unique figure and frame, may find they always need to get the collar or shoulders of a fleece altered and need to budget this expenditure for every fleece purchase.


Bigger guys can still dress sharp, so there’s no reason to limit your wardrobe to baggy T-shirts and sweats. conclude for low-rise trousers or chinos with little or no break. Designs with a slight taper from the knee down will have a redundant slimming effect.

When choosing a fitted shirt, make sure the shoulder seams sit directly on the top of your shoulder bone. Incipiently, throw a cropped bomber, varsity, or leather jacket on top to produce a sharper figure and a look that’s right on- trend.


Snap aesthetics have a painlessly cool streetwear vibe and painlessly flatter a larger constitution too. A dark- marshland, cubical tee is a great base, to begin with.

Brace with a watercolor slate hoodie with differing white plates, or an on-trend black acid marshland design. platoon with dark mileage joggers or worried, skinny-fit jeans in a dark marshland on the bottom.


There’s an art to opting for big men’s jeans, but if you master it, you can fluently disguise those love handles with a little denim. Start by choosing a brace that sits at your midriff, rather than a design that hugs your hips.

Also knitter the fit to suit your shape. conclude for slim if you’re further from an average figure with many problem areas, or go for a straight fit if you ’ ‘re overweight. However, an athletic fit that tapers below the knee is your stylish bet, If you have bigger shanks but a fairly slim body. Buy nicerior jeans here


“ Lots of big brands are adding larger sizes, but this doesn’t mean that they will fit. I’ve taken a classical swish chino, ripped it piecemeal, and made the whole pattern to fit plus-size men. 100- time-old grading rules that tell you how you’re supposed to make clothes so that we can do it right and make a commodity that fits a bigger man. ” Find nicerior chinos here


Natural, featherlight fabrics similar to cotton and linen are your friend during the warmer months. These permeable fabrics will allow a little tailwind, and they won’t cleave to your body moreover.

 Dark Processions and blacks work well to disguise sweat patches on top, but if you want to experiment with color, summer is a perfect time. Broader guys can frequently pull off bolder Hawaiian prints better than lower-chested men. As for your bottoms, choose linen trousers or longer, knee-length films.


Jeans are great, but joggers are really the comfier option for the plus-sized man. As with other trousers, the fit should be slim but not skinny.

Luckily, contemporary jogger designs are a lot more customized than the traditional track bottoms of yore. Choose a fine cotton design with phased legs that won’t cleave to the shanks or slack at the knees.

Figure out what’s your stylish color and material quintet

Cargo pants, hoodies, and big sweaters made out of thick fabrics can make you look bigger. Cotton, linen, and other light, natural fabrics are good choices. However, natural fabrics can also help cool you down and help sweat stains, If you sweat a lot.

While lighter fabrics are generally preferable, keep in mind you still want your clothes to give your body description. Fabric that’s too light and glutinous won’t trim well over your body

Go for perpendicular stripes and steer clear of vertical stripes. Indeed a faint stripe can produce a nice perpendicular line and lengthen your body. Vertical stripes can help slim your appearance, but flashback that vertical stripes can make you appear wider.

As with any pattern or style, wear stripes in temperance, and do n’t wear both banded covers and bottoms at the same time. For case, you could wear stripe pants, a v- neck tee, and a solid blazer to a match and hail at work. Or you could go to a lunch date wearing a banded button- up and solid britches.

Wear darker tones, but don’t just wear black all of the time. Solid, darker tones are your stylish friend! Navy, gunmetal, deep green, dark brown, and black are all slimming colors. Lighter colors, on the other hand, can exaggerate size.

While darker tones are slimming, that doesn’t mean your wardrobe should be tintless

and boring. Add interest to your outfits and go with darker tones of every color rather than just wearing all black all the time

Choose neutral solids rather than busy patterns. In general, try to avoid patterns similar to tight plaid, small checkers, and anything with prominent vertical stripes. Shirts with bold, busy patterns can draw attention to your waist and make you look larger

Use color combinations to emphasize your body’s proportions. Since the eye is drawn to lighter colors and darker colors tend to be more slimming, you can use color combinations to your advantage. In case, if your legs are thinner than your waist, lighter-colored pants and a darker top can help balance your proportions.

* If you’re short and stout, you generally want to avoid bold color contrasts. Avoid, for case, wearing a black top with light khaki pants. Sharp contrasts produce a vertical line at your waist, which can exaggerate your belly and make you look shorter.

 * While you want to keep color contrasts to a minimum if you’re stout, lighter tones on top can draw the eye overhead and outstretch your body. For illustration, try wearing a medium to dark blue v- neck sweater and black pants.

Final words

Please remember the fashion trends and avoid wearing a big funny outfit to bigger your body. please kindly leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions for big guys.

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