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Best super skinny jeans stretch heren inspiration

For boys living in the city, fitness and dressing have become essential skills for the promotion of sportsmen. No matter what occupation you are in, your image is really more and more important!

Many friends are worried about how they should improve their clothes. It is actually very simple, just watch more, pay attention to imitate, and slowly find some styles that suit you best!

Artur is a foreign male blogger. His handsome hairstyle and cool tattoos have attracted nearly 310,000 fans on INS.

And he often shares his daily wear in the circle of friends, which makes netizens love it.

His collocation style is unassuming but very particular, very suitable for boys around 18 to 35 years old, you might as well refer to it!

1, Vintage T-shirt, grey cargo pants and white shoes

2, Jacket, tie-dye shirt, black skinny jeans men and black shoes

3, Shirt, blue skinny jeans mens and white shoes

4, simple black T-shirt, black skinny jeans men and white shoes

5, Yellow checked jacket, black hoodie, black skinny jeans mens and white shoes

6, white sweater, light blue ripped jeans mens and blue shoes

7, black hoodie, black skinny jeans mens and black shoes

8, White t-shirt, short black ripped jeans and white shoes

9, black t-shirt, grey checked trousers and white shoes

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