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5 Ways To Change Up Your Chinos And Still Make It To Work On Time

What is a skinny Chino?

Best described as a longer, slimmer version of your standard Chino, the Skinny Chino has become one of the hottest items to own. Don’t be fooled by skinny jeans. They are neither skinny nor are they jeans. So how do you know if the chinos in your closet qualify to be called ‘skinny’ or not? We’re here to clear that confusion.

Are skinny chinos professional?

Chino pants for men classic style

Chino pants have been around for decades, but they’ve recently experienced a major revival in popularity. They used to be popular with students who wore them with t-shirts and sneakers — but now there’s been a shift. Chinos are being worn as part of more formal outfits that would be equally at home on the streets of New York City and the hills of Silicon Valley. If you’re thinking of giving this look a try, there are some important things to know about these newfound favorites.

Why chinos are better than jeans?

I don’t know about you, but I love wearing chino pants. They look clean and smart, but so much more interesting in comparison to boring jeans. Chinos are the best staple item you should have in your wardrobe because they’re casual, but dressy as well. That’s why they seem to work with every possible shirt and shoe combination out there. And nowadays, there is a huge variety of chinos available – some made of denim or not, with different styles and details – that it can be confusing to choose suitable ones for you. So to make things easier for those of you who are fond of wearing chinos this post features the best 5 solutions for chino pants.

After all, below are several tips for better style your chinos

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns.

Over the past few years, the popularity of chino pants has been skyrocketing. I’m not exactly sure why this trend has taken off, but it’s my guess that it’s due to how comfortable and versatile the pants are. Unlike other pants in your closet, you can wear them nearly everywhere. From a night out on the town to a business casual job, to even a fancy dinner! However, one pitfall I see with chinos is that men are afraid to branch out and experiment with different patterns. With experimenting comes creativity and piles of outfit possibilities.

By wearing a jacket over the chinos, you can dress up your chinos significantly.

Dress the chino down, or dress up the chino?  The choice is yours. Plain colors, stripes, and checks? Tailored and rugged slacks suitable for sweaty days at work with a jacket or two thrown on top of them – you can wear these chinos on nearly every occasion. Pair them with a blazer to meet up with friends in an elegant restaurant after work, or dress them down with a t-shirt and you’re set to head out to a good movie nearby. Below are five styles of tips that would help you dress up your chinos to look great while still remaining comfortable.

If you want to dress it up really nicely, wear a white button-down shirt untucked with chinos.

Chinos are a wardrobe staple. They are perfect because they go with anything and everything. Business casual, weekend wear, and errand running (chinos are great at the latter, by the way). And since you are a guy on the go, it makes sense to dress them up with a nice shirt. If that shirt is a white button-down shirt, then you will look really sharp. Not only does the white button-down add color, but it also adds style to your outfit – no matter what season we’re in. To add even more style to this outfit, wear a navy or gray blazer or sports coat over top of your chino + white button-down combo. Now you look professional and sharp! Welcome to fall gentlemen!

Wearing nice shoes and maybe a belt can help your outfit stand out even more.

The chino is the new suit. If you’re going to break out of the office and head out for a meeting or an evening of cocktails, chances are the chino will be in your rotation. Chinos are comfortable and versatile – perfect for a casual business look. And even when you want to bring it back down to business, black chinos are an absolute must for interviews. So, how do you dress up the chino in your closet? Here are five solutions to help you out.

Throw on a nice knit sweater to make the outfit dressy and casual at the same time. You could even add an undershirt or two if you wanted.

Wear them with a pair of boots or loafers, but you don’t have to limit yourself just to this. You can wear it with anything from sneakers, oxfords, slip-on and boat shoes. Chinos come in different colors so you’re only limited by your imagination. It’s also worth noting that there are other names for chinos. In the U.S., they’re commonly referred to as trousers and khakis; in Spain, they’re called muscles; in Canada, they’re trouser pants, in South Africa, they’re dungarees; in Australia, they’re often referred to as chinos whether they have stripes or not and are called cargos in New Zealand, which is where I usually buy all my chinos because the shipping cost is almost nil due to their reputably low taxes on physical items.

Chinos are a great choice for casual dressing.

With the all study and trend of street look, we always find the chinos take a seat, in a word, chinos are classic and stylish, you can decide to wear it in a business casual way or simply casual way. The choice is yours, but in my opinion, choosing the comfortable one can always bring me a better mood, always no fear to combine all factors together to make a better look, you are the one making the choice.

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