Why should we wear jeans?

Why we wear jeans?

Many people will think about this when they see this title. Jeans are the most frequently used item since you took off your school uniforms. The penetration rate is basically equal to that of underwear (of course, many people wear jeans without underwear), and can be matched with any clothes basically, and you can wear them as you like.


In fact, everyone has at least five pairs of jeans in their wardrobe, which are still commonly worn. Plus those worn out and whitish, there may be no fewer than ten, including a variety of styles, whether it is a narrow-legged high-waisted or a collapsed butt.


But even so, it’s difficult to see one or two trendy men walking on the street who can wear denim in style and have a high rate of turning heads.


Why we wear jeans

To be honest, most men wear denim, in fact, there is no dress-up mentality, they are purely a substitute when they are not wearing trousers.


Wear loose ones for big hips, straight ones for thick legs, and narrow ones for thin and straight legs. This should be the mentality shared by men in jeans: to hide the ugliness.


According to the effect of the above-mentioned dressing method, I basically knew at a glance that all the trousers of this buddy had been sent for dry cleaning, so I had to pull a denim out to block his legs.


So why are you wearing jeans?

1. How many types of jeans?

In fact, the tailoring of denim is very simple. Excluding the weird ones, it is nothing more than a few, mid-waist (most domestic brands), low-waist (Japanese EVISU is the best representative), ultra-low-waist (CLOT, Guanxi’s sign), high waist(Nicerior jeans)

There are three types of trouser legs, stovepipe (GSTAR RAW is the ultimate), straight (mostly Levi’s), and loose (Apple is the representative).


With this 3×3, there are nine types of trousers. Looking through your wardrobe, I believe that these basic trousers are definitely included.

2.why do you wear denim?

Don’t answer that there are no other pants to wear, so you have to wear denim; don’t say that because you don’t go to work, you look relaxed in denim; let alone think that wearing denim is young. Please, there are too many ways and clothes to look young, why wear one. Jeans all over the street?


So what is the standard answer?



Come on, let’s review the origins of jeans and get some reference on why we wear jeans.


Jeans originated in 1850 and invented by Levi Strauss. This German-American born in a Jewish family opened a cloth shop in his early years and came to San Francisco to do business during the American gold rush. I wanted to sell tents, but no one cared about it, because they found that the trousers of the gold mining workers were easy to wear, so when I had the idea, I took the canvas I used to make the tents and made trousers for the workers.

Unexpectedly, the effect was surprisingly good (this is natural, the thick fabric of the tent is made into pants, unless it is a cow, otherwise it is difficult to wear), so I passed this invention down, adjusted the color, and sewed five pockets. , And fix it with golden studs.


This is the ancestor and prototype of jeans.

So what exactly are jeans? It is a wear-resistant, rough, concise, and unfettered attitude towards life. This is the essence of wearing denim. This is why many people are willing to add jeans under the suit, because the cowboy itself has a strong and unrestrained aura, which can bring out the casual and natural effect of formal suits and release the small universe under your gentle surface.


So if you feel that you are in a bad condition today and are unwilling to dress up and unkempt, then please, don’t go out in denim, otherwise no matter how expensive the denim is, you will be dressed as a tramp.

3.What kind of jeans should I wear?

When many people talk about this issue, they will directly pull on the shape, such as thin legs and narrow legs, thick legs in black, and short legs, don’t wear low-rise jeans.


In other words, it is still blocking our legs, and it has lowered the level of our chat, hasn’t it?


The dress of the denim has nothing to do with the style, it is related to your style and aura.

Again, what kind of denim you wear depends on your own aura. You must have bought jeans that fit well in the store, and no matter how you try them back, you don’t think they match up.


Therefore, our wear recommendations are not classified according to the version, but according to the aura of the jeans themselves. If your person is in this aura, then you can’t go wrong with choosing this denim.


This is the ancestor, with a strong atmosphere of San Francisco workers, symbolizing the wild, fortitude, rebellious and pioneering spirit of the United States

So don’t think that everyone can wear Levi’s essential jeans. There is no bronze skin, rough body lines, small beards on the face, or what we call “masculine”. The breath, like students wearing Taobao goods. So, before putting on Levi’s next time, think about it, do you have enough Man?


Suitable for the crowd: idealists, media, literary and artistic workers, European and American fans, minimalists.


Recommended match: denim shirt, plaid shirt.

2. Evisu

Speaking of Evisu, there is still a story. Although the price of this brand is twice to three times that of its grandfather Levi’s, and a regular model costs two to three thousand, the origin of Evisu is actually very late. In the 1990s. When thinking about the brand name at that time, the founder directly used the last four letters of Levi’s, evis. Later, when I thought about it, I thought it was wrong. It seemed that plagiarism was too obvious. So an extra letter was added and it became Evisu, and the pronunciation changed.

Even the exaggerated seagull shape on Evisu’s butt pocket is modified from the old Levi’s swallow line. Then add various Japanese elements.


Then do you know why Evisu came out more than a hundred years later than Levi’s, and can still sell so expensive?


Because Evisu’s founder, HIDENHIKOYAMANE, is a fan of retro jeans, his pants are all hand-made, washed and worn, directly surpassing Levi’s which is the most expensive one hanging on the wall every season. Perhaps this also originated from Japan, where Evisu originated, a country that has endless pursuit of details and perfection. Moreover, the materials are used very hard. A well-made Evisu can stand against the wall after wearing it for a period of time.

Suitable for the crowd: young skateboarders, rock lovers, teenagers, detailists, showbiz people.


Recommended match: graffiti T-shirt, baseball jacket.


Diesel’s signature is full of holes and stains. Hand-washed and worn Dirty jeans are always subject to quality complaints from customers-they mistakenly believe that they are defective products, but Diesel believes that this is a symbol of sexiness. In fact, the expensive price points of others are accumulated in a series of manual processes. A pair of trousers that looks like second-hand dirty needs to go through 6 to 9 repeated washing and dyeing procedures on average.

Suitable for the crowd: sexy and good flesh, fitness enthusiasts, single dwellers (for fear of mothers or wives nagging pants too dirty), saucy men.


Recommended match: topless, T-shirts or shirts with muscle lines, leather jackets.

3. G-Star RAW

G-Star is a Dutch brand, a model of narrow-leg pants. If I hadn’t lost more than ten pounds last year, I wouldn’t be able to wear G-Star pants at all. The jeans of this brand are too modern, and the tailoring is also very casual. You can’t see any original denim atmosphere at all.


G-Star has released a full range of black denim, the tones include jet black, gray and indigo, so it is very suitable for men who like to wear low-key denim, because you can casually pull a pair of G-Star black denim as slacks, and you can sit with a suit. In the office.

Suitable for the crowd: gentle temperament male, office worker, thin body, pale skin.


Recommended matching: office worker shirts, slim suits.

4. apple

It’s not the phone you are holding, it’s the jeans. His real name is texwood apple.

Well, there is a lot of controversy about this brand. Specifically, why so many executives and wealthy people like to wear apples? I think there are two reasons: first, the style of apples is very ordinary, like a stool that turns blue. The trousers do not have any rebellious and casual atmosphere, but give people a very restrained feeling. Boss, you also need to carry some points after get off work. What if the wearing Evisu is seen by the wage earners?


The second reason is that it is different from other retro jeans advocating that the heavier the weight, the better the judgment standard. Apple took the lead in introducing ultra-light fabric jeans to make them more comfortable and convenient, and meet the needs of outdoor activities.


Suitable for the crowd: leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, all respected people, of course, it is also suitable for parents to buy, they will like it.


Recommended match: Two styles with the same “aged” flavor-short-sleeved shirts and long-sleeved polo shirts.


I don’t know if Guanxi’s still has the energy to continue to build his own brand. Does this kind of cowboy straddling the thighs feel that it can only be controlled by people in the music industry and entertainment circles? (Does the look of MC HOTDOG standing on the stage wearing baggy pants and roaring with wheat immediately come to mind?)



If your life is really happy, you can take care of your own small shop until noon every day, and drink with a bunch of brothers at night until three o’clock at night, OK, no problem, CLOT is very suitable for you. Even only CLOT can represent this lazy and free lifestyle.


Suitable for the crowd: actors, self-employed people, trendy brand shop owners.

Recommended matches: T-shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps.


6. Nicerior

Nicerior is a fast growing jeans company, mainly focus on skinny jeans, chinos, all pants using stretch material, aim to bring a very comfortable, smooth, breathable pants for working, gym, home, hang out, etc. 

Nicerior series are high waist pants with street look, some with ripped details, multiple color combine, you can always found your style.

All of company’s goal is to make clients a happy experience. 

Suitable for the crowd: gym lover, hiphoper, fashion lover, worker.


Recommended matches: T-shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps.


Now, do you know why the hipsters are spending huge sums of money to buy jeans?

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