Top 5 jeans trend suggest in 2021

Putting jeans in the center of the closet is a wise choice, because a stylish pair of jeans can really be worn for a long, long time. This is the durability of jeans.

However, jeans do not look good for everyone. How can they give people a fashionable impression and avoid sloppy? The following quick guide will take you to learn about the latest looks that will make your jeans look more fashionable and beautiful.

How to make jeans look fashionable? The key factor is the quality, tone and style of jeans for reference. To truly present a distinctive appearance, you will need to consider the following factors:

1) Dark color-choose deep indigo for versatility, or black for form.

2) Tight fit-consider “pruning” instead of “thin”.

3) Straight-legged style-Boots tailoring can be used, but it is not so versatile.

4) Clean and tidy-no obvious cracks, tears, stains or fading during work.

5) Simple-no belts, flaps or exaggerated embroidery on the back pockets.

The difference between the quality of jeans will surprise you, especially in terms of denim quality. The appropriate version and the finishing dyes are also worth the expense. Jeans are also easy to match with shoes. All kinds of casual sports shoes, leather shoes, brogues, saddle shoes, all kinds of suede, chukka boots, etc. are easy to control, handsome and cool.

Slim jeans are timeless classics. Nowadays, the classic way of men wearing jeans is still fashionable for you and me. The most versatile and timeless must-have items are T-shirts, shirts, denim jackets, and blazers. Wait, let’s talk about it.

Matching skill 1: Jeans + T-shirt

In many fashion articles, “jeans and T-shirts” are used as models of “sloppy dressing”, but they are not, like actors Marlon Brando and James Dean wearing deep When blue jeans and pure white T-shirts appeared in Hollywood movies, they became heartbreaking characters and instant style icons.

If you are savvy about shirts and accessories, you can use the same classic look. At this time, you need a well-fitting solid color T-shirt (no graphics or logo), a sturdy belt, and some leather shoes or work boots to match.

The T-shirt should fit tightly on your chest and should not fall on the belt. However, if it is kept tight, flat and matched with unevenness, it may be a good look, both stylish and individual.

Matching skill 2: jeans + shirt

Slightly upgrade from T-shirts, and then pair them with long-sleeved or short-sleeved work shirts, with a soft front, lapel and button placket. This is a classic jeans + shirt overalls look, which is also very good in social occasions.

Just avoid rookie mistakes: avoid too tight jeans + shirts, choose slim or fitted versions, and it is enough to unbutton the shirt with two buttons.

In order to make the appearance fashionable and timeless, you can match high-quality blue jeans with roll-in dress shirts. Pure white, light gray or light blue can be used here, in addition to white shirts, light striped or plaid shirts are also available. Or pair it with a sweater as a shawl and tie a knot at will, it’s cool.

Loosen and roll up the cuffs to make the clothes look more relaxed. (Especially important for pure white shirts-dark pants and white long-sleeved button-down shirts will make you look more handsome

When you have a beautiful belt, it is best to match a stylish belt buckle and some sturdy leather shoes or boots on the belt to achieve the best results.

Matching skills 3: jeans + sweater

Want to go beyond the classic and timeless denim style? One sweater can do it.

Recently, the combination of blue jeans + sweater cardigan has been popular to upgrade the fashion of the wardrobe and make the appearance of more refined clothing. When you want to look more casual and comfortable, commuter items that can be worn for parties and leisure, these are good choices.

The combination of jeans + high-quality sweater or cardigan can be regarded as a classic for autumn and winter. Pay attention when matching. The V-neck with a collared shirt underneath looks great. The same goes for cardigans in T-shirts. You can wear a pleated or non-pleated formal shirt, with sleeves showing the cuffs of the sweater or hiding under them to enjoy the fashionable sense.

Simple and beautiful. If you have a nice pair of jeans and a solid color sweater, you can use almost any shirt as an inner outfit, trendy and handsome.

Matching skills 4: jeans + denim jacket

Most sports jackets have some kind of active visual elements, such as weaves, colorful patterns, mottled herringbone tweed jackets and so on.

These “fun” denim jackets go well with the simplicity of jeans. Put on a light-colored formal shirt and a pair of dark-colored jeans for an interesting but stress-free visual effect. Wear a jacket suitable for denim, choose a slightly softer or fluffy version of the fabric, which is casual and handsome.

Matching skills 5: jeans + suit jacket

The style of a solid color suit jacket is slightly different from that of jeans, but you can still make a good match. The key here is to keep it thin and structured. Take care to stay away from the wide square “country club” suit jacket.

Pay attention to the color matching. The traditional navy suit jacket may be too close to some dark indigo jeans. You end up looking like you are trying to match a suit jacket and pants instead of driving, so it is a failure. Make sure that there is a good, strong contrast between the colors of the jeans and the suit jacket, even if you can see that from a distance, in order to highlight the individuality.

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