Suits and casual pants be a fashionable elite man

Suits and casual pants, be a fashionable elite man!

After a year of showing shorts for a season, it’s time to change to trousers to lock in temperature! If you happen to be tired of wearing ankle-length trousers and dislike the casual sloppyness of sports pants, then you might as well have a pair of casual trousers! As an ivy-like existence in the business world, it has become a must-have for elite men. How should you choose this suit and trousers?

Due to the nature of work, suit pants are neatly styled and have no other redundant designs. The colors are generally low-key and calm. The non-wrinkle fabrics can highlight the high quality, and are also loved by most men. However, many people inadvertently wear a sense of sloppy, old fashioned and stereotyped wear, so if you want to wear a sense of elite, you will not have to choose suits and pants, but also wear them!

A pair of good-looking pants becomes ugly once you put it on? In addition to the unsuitable version, there is another reason that you have not controlled the length! No matter how long a good-looking suit is too long, it will not avoid the feeling of drag, and too short trousers are easy to wear a girly sense of sight. If you don’t have a model-like figure, it is recommended to choose a length that suits you.

Secondly, trousers should also be selected according to the shape of the legs. It does not matter if the legs are not good or thick. The tightness of the pants is the most important! As long as you find the type of pants that suit you, you can “minimize” leg problems. For example, if a thin person is too loose, it is as embarrassing as wearing an adult’s clothes. A slim fit is better, and you should not touch your developed muscle legs. The trousers are too slim, the trousers that can hide the meat and stretch the legs are even more important!

The trousers have their own masculine attributes, and the colors are naturally low-key and simple. There is no need to deliberately choose exaggerated bright colors. They are very easy to make mistakes and give people a sense of unsteadiness. The all-match classic black and blue models are more integrated into the daily life, or the stripes and checkered elements with a sense of design can also be very low-key to increase the look~

1. Slim-fit straight striped casual pants. Suit trousers have long been handed for men. These casual trousers are fashionable and versatile. They are different from the dull and stereotyped solid color, thick and thin stripes. With the blessing of popular elements, the trousers are more casual and fashionable. The use of high-stretch fabrics is non-iron and wrinkle-resistant, easy to care, and comfortable to wear without the ball. Slim-fit small straight-leg pants, slim and tall, save the imperfect leg shape!

2. Stretchy slim-fit business men’s trousers. This trousers has no redundant design, and the solid color style is more simple and versatile. It is an indispensable item in the wardrobe of business people throughout the year. The elastic fabric is non-iron and wrinkle-resistant, does not fade and does not ball, and it is very convenient to take care of. Many colors, good drape, small straight-leg pants, upright and stylish upper body, smooth and durable metal slider, very capable with small leather shoes.

3. Retro solid color slim-fit trousers. These trousers are available in two colors of black and gray, both retro and versatile, which can be called the Wannian single product in the sportsman’s wardrobe. The version of the trousers belongs to the slim-fit and straight-leg style, which modifies the leg type max! The solid color style is more fashionable and classic, the belt can lengthen the proportion of the legs, with a pair of black socks and black leather shoes, the male index has been soaring!

4. High waist business retro pants. This pair of trousers is made of custom-made comfortable fabric, which has a very good drape. The fabric is comfortable, breathable, not easy to wrinkle and not easy to deform. The style belongs to the nine-point trousers style, which is more neat and stylish by rolling up the trousers. Both black and gray colors are simple and versatile. With the high waist belt of the same color, you can also bring the proportion of the legs by the way!

5. British retro lace-up trousers. The trousers have three classic colors of black, white and gray. White is more clean, highlighting the temperament, and black and gray are more versatile and everyday. The style is a bit Korean, and the slim-fitting style with small feet is more suitable for tall and thin boys. The waist belt design is a highlight. Unlike the buckled belt, this small detail adds a bit of British retro style to the whole.

6. British style striped straight suit. The trousers are made of 70% polyester, which can keep the trousers’ toughness and anti-wrinkle ability, washable and durable! The addition of viscose makes the pants more breathable and reduces static electricity. The addition of striped elements makes the trousers more British, and the versatile attributes are also online. The straight style does not choose the body and leg shape.

7. Nine-point business casual trousers. The trousers are mainly made of cotton, which is more stiff and not easy to wrinkle. It is not easy to deform after washing and is durable. Different from simple pure colors, the blended variegated design is more retro and attractive, and the brushed design is more in line with the warm texture of autumn and winter. The style is straight and self-cultivating, and any leg shape can be easily controlled.

8. Black ribbon drape cropped pants. The trousers are made of high-quality polyester material, which can be easily controlled all year round. The tailoring of the trousers is neat and concise, and the loose trousers upper body is more comfortable, which makes people love it. The design of the waistband is very special, which makes the pants more styling and layered. In addition, the drape is better, and the straight cone is more slim and tall.

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