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Ultramodern Man, The Complete Companion to Form for the Ultramodern Gentleman

How should an ultramodern man bear to be an ultramodern gentleman? Think of this companion as your virtual style academy, helping to equip you with all the essential knowledge and ultramodern mores needed to step out into the big world without making a complete and maximum fool of yourself, rather be an ultramodern gentleman. Talking about form seems like a quaint, old-fashioned conception, like courting, landlines, and Myspace ( Do you still remember?). It’s an old word that conjures up images of sour-faced nobles riding people for holding fish shanks inaptly, or commodity inversely arbitrary and ridiculous. Unless you are a heartthrob from a novel or a butler to the Queen – and we are willing to risk assuming you are neither – these feathers of Puritanical- period rules have little place in moment’s society. Still, in a broader sense, the marker is still remarkably applicable. Because, well, we …

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