Men’s fashion: lining is more important than face

In certain aspects,
The world is fair.

In the fashion industry,
Men have most of the right to speak,
But it was broken for the beauty of women.

Women are the main consumers in the fashion industry,
And men are making money,
On the one hand, I want to open my wallet to please women

of course,
There is no discrimination here,
It’s just a worldly opinion.

Especially in winter,
The women dressed up brightly,
The vast majority of men are in the second.

Even if the temperature in winter drops,
It will never reduce the chance of women dressing up.
On the contrary,
They have more styles.

The men are slightly stretched in terms of choice.
Cotton coats, down jackets,
The color is different, the length is different.

So, we can’t compare face,
Then make a fuss on the inside,
Don’t take off your thick coat,
Just layer after layer of warm clothing.

Sweatshirts are all-match styles for boys.
Especially straight men,
They can wear it on any occasion, any time,
It can also give a “reasonable” reason.

They wear sweaters when they exercise,
Because the sports fabric of the sweater is good for stretching,
Running and jumping are wear-resistant and practical.(buy plaid pants mens skinny)

They wear sweaters when they stay at home(buy plaid pants mens skinny),
Because the sweater is comfortable and loose,
Directly on the vest,
Convenient and dirt-resistant.

They wear sweaters when they go shopping,
Because the sweater looks casual and individual,
Different styles, different colors,
Match different jackets, pants(black skinny jeans men) and shoes
It is to have “the self-confidence of a man’s mystery”.

They also wear sweaters when they go to work,
Because the sweater can be thick or thin,
It is warm and simple,
Set under professional attire,
Adds a little playfulness to restraint and color.

and so,
In most men’s closets
There are always a few sweaters in different styles and colors.
Winter is coming,
Let’s take a look together,
How other people match sweaters under cotton coats.

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