Skinny jeans? The best on my closet

Skinny jeans are the most popular style for men’s or women’s fashion, since their arrival in men’s fashion. skinny jeans have been awarded the title of being one of the most polarising trends, love it or loathe it, for the men which love it because the skinny jeans stretch, light, and comfortable, and for that person loathe it, they though jeans are too casual than pants.

1, what is mens skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans are a kind of jeans, which made of stretch material, taped from the waist to ankle, revealing the real contour and size of thighs and legs, while they look good on men with a smaller, slimmer body and also men with very good body creates a sharper and tidier slimline silhouette, without creating unsightly added bulk. For strictly casual occasions, skinny jeans with ripped knees can work wonders in lessening the severity of the look by incorporating more texture and dimension.

2, Why are skinny jeans so popular for guys?


Believe it or not, some skinny jeans are use very soft, smooth material, they can be very light and comfortable to your skin, compare to loose pants, skinny jeans with stretch can shows the real shape of their legs and thighs, Whereas

wearing baggy pants look unflattering and untidy on them.

Easy to Match:

Also since the taped jeans with strech shows your contour and size of thighs and legs, you can easy to pick eigher T-shirt, sweater or coat to match it, it will make you looks taller ,thinner and nicer.


All jeans are made of durable material, you can simple buy a pants using almost for years.

Always on the fashion trend:
Jeans are always on the fashion trend, no matter for men or for women since jeans appear from the beginning of the 30S. Compare to other pants, you should never worried about you need to change the pants on your wardrobe since it out of trend!

3, Do straigh guys wear skinny jeans?

Guys can wear skinny jeans,that taped on leg can make your looks higher and styler,and easy match your top. Skinny jeans looks good if you have a very good body sharpe, since its stretch material, the jeans can taped on your body well,

light and comfortable,you can easily wear them go to gym, work place, and go to see your friend.

3, how to choose a perfect fit taped on jeans for men?

Before you buy a pair of jeans for yourself and friends, make sure you know the fit and style that will suit you/your friend.

Here’s a guide for you:

High-rise jeans are worn above the belly button and suit bigger guys. Tucking in the shirt is a bad idea with this type of pants.
Mid-rise pants are great for men who always prefer to tuck in their shirts.
Low-rise jeans provide a casual and relaxed fit and are worn below the belly button.
And all pants on us are high-rise jeans.
As you have noted above, just like women, men have different body build too. So when you buy a pair of skinny fit jeans, keep the following in mind:

The only way to check out the pants fit you or not is to try them on, the most important thing is the color of the jeans, you need to see if the color of the jeans matches your shirts and sneakers in your closet. Dark washes are safe bets. Also, the style, if all your clothes are casual, you should better pick ripped jeans, ripped knee jeans.
Make sure your thighs and legs don’t look awkward on the jeans; you should look proportionate, a right and fit jeans should look really good on you.
Don’t buy skinny jeans just because they’re a fashion trend.

4, mens skinny jeans recommend for 2021

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